Monthly Archives: March 2013

Handyman Repair

My toilet assembly is old and the water fills the tank but overflows into the overflow valve. I called a “licensed” plumber and their initial estimate was $172. 60 replacing the entire internals of the tank. Back in my primary … read more

Painting Repair

Just found out at a corner of one bedroom, there are painting cracks (an area of 1 foot by 1 foot almost fall out). It seems that it started from the celing. I can see water marks. Even some mold … read more

Bedroom Lighting

Difference from the real light outside (I mean the natural sunlight), do you have any advice for that. For example putting on make up in the bathroom with that light or bedroom light. When it’s different light outside? It’s different … read more

Ac Service

Had our central AC serviced, and three days later AC wasn’t working. Company came back and said there’s a pinhole leak in the evaporator coil and it would have to be replaced. This seems like a strange coincidence. The guy … read more