Monthly Archives: March 2013

Garage Service

I’m trying to start my own garage cleaning service and I really am lost as to how to go about it. I figured a good first step would be to make flyer’s to put up in local gas stations. But … read more


Is the sole purpose of proprietary trading desks trading equities and futures and performing arbitrages based soley on profits which can be achieved better by a group of traders using firm’s money. How do these firms attract money and from … read more

New Landscaping

I want to get some landscaping work done around my house. Maybe $3-4k worth. Does landscaping generally have a decent return on housing value? I remember reading something about how kitchen renovations give you the biggest bang for your buck, … read more

Swimming Pool Repair

I am pretty sure about some of these, but if you could say why you think each business is under what type of business, this would help me understand a little better. Businesses: Swimming pool repair Flower shop Internet based … read more