Monthly Archives: June 2013

Travertine Counters

We want to update our kitchen, but have a very moderate budget. Which would be less expensive, granite countertops, travertine tile, or is there something comparable that looks as good? Also, we have just old white cabinets and cannot afford … read more

Swimming Pool

I want to build a swimming pool just off shore from my holiday home. The reef is close to shore and at low tide you cannot swim because the water is only ankle deep with sharp coral every where. At … read more

Sprinkler Repair

I found a hole in the sprinkler line. How do you repair it. After looking around, I learned — Assuming the lines are PVC. . . Dig all around the line at the point of the leak. After you locate … read more

Garage Door Repair

My garage door is broke. I had to open and shut it manually to get my car out and when it closed it came down like a guillotine. According to the smart-ass garage door repair man, I shouldn’t have done … read more