Foreclosed Homes

If you want a nice place to live, and a nice home to live in, consider one of the Tampa foreclosed homes in Florida. It is in the Panhandle section of Florida in the western portion of the state. Tampa was recently voted one of the best places for 20-somethings to live. It is home to one of the wealthiest populations in the country.

The climate of Tampa is humid and sub-tropical. They have hot summers with frequent bouts of thunderstorms, and usually a light freeze in winter. It normally stays 70-90 degrees for most of the year.

Geographically, Tampa is bordered by 2 bodies of water, Hillsborough Bay and Old Tampa Bay. These join to form Tampa Bay which runs off into the Gulf of Mexico.

The neighborhoods are Downtown, West Tampa, New Tampa, North Tampa, East Tampa, and South Tampa. Other areas include Ballast Point, Ybor City, Forest Hills, Sulphur Springs, Seminole Heights,
Palma Ceia, Tampa Heights, Hyde Park, Davis Islands, Tampa Palms, College Hills, Westshore Business district, Gary, and Westchase.

Foreclosures are on the rise, with a 50% increase in the Tampa area since last year. They are actually doing better than the state of Florida, which has the unpleasant distinction of being the #1 state in foreclosures right now. The market is suffering. Housing prices are falling so many sellers are panicking. As prices fall, the market for home sales gets weaker. Prices are at a low right now, so it is a good time if you are a buyer. The banks have to pay not only the mortgages of these houses, but also the property taxes and insurance on them as well. They do not want to pay these extra costs for any longer than necessary so it is in your best interest to contact them and find that new home you have wanted to buy right now. With the reductions in prices, it is truly a buyers market.

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