Mold Testing And Remediation In New Jersey

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Over the last twelve months, surging storms like Hurricane Sandy and polarizing shifts in climate have created suitable conditions for mold colonies to grow in homes and business all across the state. Mold grows when spores travel through the air and settle on any type of organic, porous matter (eg. wood, carpeting, paper, furniture, etc.). These spores reproduce in dark, humid and damp conditions. Colonies grow mostly in kitchens, bathrooms, attics and basements. Certain types of mold are toxic and are black or dark green to the naked eye. When approaching or handling mold, home and business owners must be very careful. Mold is self-saving, meaning when it is attacked, or touched, it will send more spores out into the air to recolonize elsewhere. This is extremely dangerous, especially since spores can settle in ventilation and HVAC systems within the home or business. It is highly recommended to have the home or office tested by an Industrial Hygienist not affiliated with any remediation or removal companies. By hiring a third-party hygienist, conflict of interest regarding testing will not be an issue for the consumer. If a mold remediation service provider advertises free testing, chances are the data collected will be used to the advantage of the company, not the consumer. The third-party hygienist will offer unbiased testing, ensuring the safety and security of the consumer. Reputable mold remediation companies only work when a third-party hygienist is involved. Experts will actually supply information on highly qualified hygienists to help with the mold removal project. A quality mold remediation expert will offer the following services during a proper mold remediation project: All technicians certified through the IICRC Services will meet/exceed IICRC S50 Guideline for Mold Remediation All chemicals used will meet standards set by OSHA A containment area will be established, ensuring mold spores will not recolonize elsewhere HEPA ventilation and vacuums will be used to ensure proper disposal of affected materials Third-Party Industrial Hygienist will provide mold testing before and after project, ensuring safety Mold can cause severe health issues, alive or dead. By hiring the services of a mold remediation expert, home and business owners can benefit from many advantages not afforded otherwise.
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Mold Inspection Sciences Launches New Location in Nashville, Tennessee — Residents of the Metro Are

Mold Inspection Sciences utilizes proprietary mold inspection techniques and proprietary software to provide clients with easy to understand information and reports at a competitive price. The company differentiates itself in a variety of ways, including helping the public understand some of the most common myths about mold sampling and investigations: MYTH #1: Professional, comprehensive, and unbiased mold inspection and testing services can be performed by mold remediation companies —- They cannot. Its a conflict of interest for the client as mold remediation companies earn their income from mold remediation not investigations. MYTH #2: Home owners and business owners can obtain a quality, comprehensive, mold inspection for free —- They cannot. This YouTube video explains what a free mold inspection really means in the long run. What is a free mold inspection? MYTH #3: A mold investigation is only needed if you can see mold or if you notice a moldy odor. —- Incorrect. Mold often hides in hidden places that are dark, like the interiors of walls and ceilings and under flooring and in attics and crawlspaces. MYTH #4: Mold testing and investigation can be performed by non-professionals, handymen, and other tradesmen like plumbers and carpet cleaners. —- Incorrect. Quality mold inspections and testing should only be performed by licensed or certified professionals with significant experience and training in the field. Additional mold myths, mold testing and mold inspection information, and basic information about mold and health can also be found on the company’s new website. The site also offers the ability to contact the company by phone or email, request a complimentary mold inspection quote and consultation, view informative videos, read blog postings, and learn about other indoor sampling such as allergen tests. Important and useful consumer information about mold inspection and mold testing can also be found on Mold Inspection Sciences blog: (
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