Ac Service

AC has not ran since the severe storms this morning. Live in Macomb Twp. But not the severely hit area. Everybody around us has power. Is my AC service being interrupted to save electricity for other areas. Well, I have … read more

Garage Doors

Husband and I are separated and I think he comes over via the garage doors. I do not have money to spare for changing the locks . I want to prevent him from taking things out without my knowledge. Thanks … read more


I am intreasted in Electrical Engineering, could somone (preferably an electrical engineer) explain to me in detail what they do on an average day. Thanks a lot. Do you know what I found? Regular day in the life of a … read more

Cable Tv

I am in the military. Several years ago, the base installed cable TV in many of the workplaces here on base. Now, I think that people are making serious mishaps in part because their minds are not on their jobs … read more